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Mailtrap’s Upcoming API Changes

At present, Mailtrap uses one database to store all application data. As a result, a large number of BLOBs (binary large objects), which the application sends and catches, negatively affect the overall system’s performance. Besides, having just one database does not allow us to increase the size limit of an email message (the current limit is 5MB).

That is why we are planning to move all BLOBs to separate storage. This transition will lead to Mailtrap’s API changes:


Mailtrap’s API Before the Changes


Mailtrap’s API After the Changes

Timeline of Mailtrap’s API Changes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why not create a V2 of the API?

Even if we create version 2 of the API, we won’t be able to maintain version 1 for a long time, because using two different storage systems won’t allow us to provide the “html_body” and “text_body” fields. In the end, leaving v1 will inevitably lead to “2*N + 1 issue” that we cannot allow happening.

Q2: Where should I get a non-modified (raw) version of HTML from an email message?

This data is available via the “html_source_path” link in the message.

For additional questions, feel free to address them to

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