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New Feature Release: Introducing Email Count as “Total Sent” per Inbox

Last week the Mailtrap team released a new feature, which enables counting the number of sent test emails per Inbox.

Below you can see a screenshot of several Mailtrap Inboxes with:

Mailtrap’s new test email count per inbox

This new feature reflects the corresponding statistics for the last month:

Note: to check the starting date, hover over the question mark sign located next to the Total Sent and view the date displayed in the yyyy-mm-dd format.

When you open your account’s Inbox, you will also be able to to see the number of Total messages sent displayed in the top right corner.

Mailtrap’s test email count view from inbox

The feature covers your Inboxes only: the Total Sent number is not available for the Inboxes that were shared with you.

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Changes in API

In addition, you may also find a new “sent_messages_count” field in the Mailtrap API documentation.

Mailtrap’s test email count in API docs

New use cases

As a result, Mailtrap users will be able to:

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