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Easing email notification testing in OIM

I happened to come across a pretty decent fake SMTP service called Mailtrap for email notifications testing while implementing stuff in OIM and have been using it for quite some time now (Of course the service itself has got nothing to do with OIM as such!)

In the past, I have used some standalone open source SMTP clients – they are just about OK I would say. Some of you might know about Mailtrap already or might be using other stuff (feel free to share them!)

At its core, its just a fake (hence simple!) SMTP testing server and can be used for rapid prototyping and development/testing in scenarios where a full blown SMTP server is not available at your disposal.

Besides being pretty robust and efficient, it has a host of other features such as multiple inboxes, sharing emails within your organization etc etc. You can read and explore more on their website

Down to the business area.

Simple steps to get started with Mailtrap and OIM

  1. Create your account on (or just use your Google account)
  2. Configure your inbox(es)
    Different ones for DEV, TEST, QA etc (basic configuration like credentials etc are there OOTB, just change things around if you want to)
  3. Configure SMTP or UMS (recommended) notification providers in OIM
    (UMS in case you are playing around with approval workflows notification from within SOA composites)

Activate UMS via MBean

Configure UMS Email Driver settings

Activate approval notifications (1)

Activate approval notifications (2)

… and you are good to go!

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