How to Use Email Branding to Increase Your Brand Awareness

An email marketing strategy is an effective tool to increase your brand awareness. Many people regard email marketing only as a way to boost sales. However, if you use all the features of this tool, it is quite possible to achieve increased recognition along with the commercial effect and to improve the positioning of your company in a niche. Let’s look at how to do this.

What is email branding?

Some people associate email marketing just with sending newsletters. However, it’s much more than that! Email marketing is the systematic and structured use of email to initiate, maintain, and strengthen a relationship between a brand and its customers. What is email branding in short? It is a close connection between your brand and company symbols with each letter sent. This is the mail address, logo, corporate font, design colors, images, and signature — the special style of the text of the letter. The listed items will make you recognizable and increase your brand value.

However, to build brand awareness and make sales, you must do more than simply push your products and use branded emails. You must build trust and provide value in the form of an impeccable quality experience, tips, and tools. In addition, you must provide informative, entertaining, and relevant content.

Why is email marketing important for brand recognition?

Proper email branding will help:

  • increase customer loyalty by creating a direct relationship with each of them;
  • recoup marketing costs through increased recognition and sales;
  • make the brand valuable to consumers;
  • motivate customers to establish a long-term relationship with the brand;
  • reduce the number of people who want to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Emailing is an opportunity to regularly and directly interact with customers. If you increase brand awareness through the classic channels of marketing (SEO and SMM), you are doing the right thing. However, you will want to add email marketing to this, as only email marketing can provide direct coordinated contact. If it is accompanied by your company logo, even better.

Do you have branding? Start by designing a logo. To do this, you can use the Logaster service, which generates dozens of logo options. You can then download your logo in a format that is convenient for insertion into an email template. You can also use other logo makers such as Looka, Brandcrowd, Designhill, etc. 

Four reasons for email branding

Who will you trust more:

  • a company that sends quality letters from a branded address;
  • a company that uses a free service and whose mailbox name doesn’t reveal who the sender is?

If you are still in doubt, here are a few reasons to start email branding.

The first impression is the most important one

Branded email demonstrates your professionalism and responsible attitude toward work processes. And vice versa — a letter sent from a public address portrays your brand as inexperienced. Even worse is that most email recipients consider the sender to be fake. Indeed, scammers and spammers often send messages from shared mail servers. You don’t want to be grouped among them.

An image of the brand that can inspire the audience

With the help of branding email, you can focus on your advantages at a glance. This is important for all types of businesses, whether they are startups or major manufacturers. You must create an impressive image.

Corporate email and branded letters create the effect of a single brand style. This automatically increases confidence. The audience appreciates such “little things.”

However, we do not recommend dwelling on this. Grow your presence. Set up different email addresses for different departments of the company or business segments. If you have a small company, you can still create different addresses for the sales department, the customer service department, or communication with specialists (manager, marketer, etc.). This also affects the positive image of your brand. The client gains confidence that he is talking to a specific specialist and has the assurance that his letter has not fallen into the general “box”, where it can easily be lost.

Increasing Trust

If, in the process of communication, your recipients have to send personal data or important files in a letter, they will not be comfortable doing so if they see,, or any other service in your email domain. In this case, who will guarantee the safety of the data? Definitely not you, because you cannot control the servers of other companies.

On the other hand, if you have a company email address on your own server, you can guarantee security. At the same time, this once again emphasizes the legality of your business. You can earn trust inexpensively by setting your company email addresses using your domain or hosting provider. Prices for this differ depending on the conditions of the subscription plan. Some providers offer the service for free.

If you use Microsoft Office 365, you can easily set mail in the administrative center of the software package. When you register a domain name that matches your brand, you get a stable business tool. The domain belongs to you, so you can effectively use it now and in the future.

Brand recognition growth

Imagine: Each letter you send contains your branding. Even the mail address is an element of your brand. And with each sending, you promote your trademark, but not Gmail or any other service. It costs a fortune to promote your brand by using advertisements that contain your symbols. Branded mailing does the same thing but it costs a lot less than advertising.

One more thing: The presence of branded mail on your own server (or the server of your provider) offers you complete control over mailings, access, and security. This is not related to recognition features but is a very valuable advantage in terms of process control.

Top electronic signature generators

We showed you that your own email address is an important element of your brand. Now it’s worth talking about a unique signature for your letter. This is another useful tool that can benefit your brand. In particular, this is:

  • increased recognition through the use of branding;
  • the effect of personal communication. The addressee feels that he or she is communicating with a real person, not a program;
  • easy access to contact information (if it is in the signature).

We have selected what we believe are the 3 best electronic signature generators.

Online Signature

This is a convenient free tool for creating signatures. It consists of several services, including a signature generator with font, slope, and color settings. There is also a field for creating a signature with your own hand by using the mouse or your finger (if the device’s screen is touch-sensitive). You can download, send, or save the result in a convenient way.


This is a service with an extensive free plan. For $15 a month, all restrictions are removed, and you can use the tool for any task. It includes a large number of templates and branding settings and allows you to create unique signatures that you can use in emails.


This is a service used by major brands, including Forbes and HuffPost. To create an electronic signature, simply provide information about your company, choose styles, and set up other simple settings. After that, click “Create Signature”. The service will create a beautiful option, ready for insertion into an email.


Personalization, consistency, the use of corporate identity elements: all of these contribute to the growth of brand awareness through email marketing. When writing letters, be sure to use well-thought-out emailing strategies, as well as corporate email addresses, unique signatures for letters, logos, and other brand elements. If you do this, each letter will work for your brand.