Announcing New Mailtrap Subscription Plans

Today we would like to announce the new Mailtrap subscription plans. But before we do it, let’s review the Mailtrap story.

As many of you may know, the history of Mailtrap goes back to 2011 — the year when our fake SMTP server first entered the development tools market as a free product. It took four years of continuous software and customer development before we released the first paid version in 2015.

In fact, the introduction of paid subscription plans was initiated by Mailtrap users who wanted to feel certain that our team would continue maintaining and supporting the service in the future.

From that time forward, we allocated extra resources to fine-tune Mailtrap, as well as develop new functionality that to this day continues to benefit the dev community around the world.

Why we decided to change Mailtrap’s pricing

Starting from 2015, our team has been in close and regular communication with Mailtrap users through social media and forums, emails, surveys, questionnaires, and support.

During this time, we reviewed numerous feature requests, advised on the best practices, replied to user feedback, and kept working on the product to make Mailtrap an even more convenient, reliable, and secure tool to use.

While talking to the Mailtrap team, users asked for such features, as the increased email sending rate limits, larger storage, extra team members, as well as enquired about compliance with the new privacy and security laws.

However, we knew for sure that what our users appreciated the most were Mailtrap’s high performance and 24/7 availability. Indeed, Mailtrap has never given any cause for concern. That’s why nobody has ever mentioned these two aspects to us.

At some point in time, both the Mailtrap user base and email testing volumes grew dramatically. This was when our team moved all BLOBs (binary large objects) to separate storage as well as carried out a range of system enhancements to ensure that Mailtrap would be able to smoothly handle large traffic and activity spikes.

As a result, Mailtrap officially turned into a high-load app with certain infrastructure costs that our old pricing model could barely cover.

Welcome new Mailtrap plans!

Based on the general application usage data, we split all users into segments. By doing so, we’ve identified six different types of clients with similar usage patterns and tailored the new plans to meet their needs.

New Mailtrap plans
New Mailtrap plans

Whether you are working on a personal project or represent a large organization with several tech teams – Mailtrap can now offer suitable options in terms of price, feature set, and rate limits for all. To learn more about the ways how you can monitor the account limits, please check out this blog post.

In addition, the new plans are intended to

  • simplify the process of choosing a subscription plan that fits user requirements
  • let a user start small and scale

It is worth noting that Mailtrap still keeps a Free forever plan for those who are not making money on their projects or just want to evaluate the tool.

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The new plans rollout dates and terms

New Users

  • Starting from today, 5th of February, 2019 the new subscription plans are already available for all new users on Mailtrap’s pricing page.

Existing Paid Users

  • Appreciating the loyalty of the existing paid Mailtrap client base, where some of you have been with us for many years, we are going to let you continue using your current plans without any changes (Fly-trap or Bee-trap). However, it also means that no new features will be available for both Fly-trap and Bee-trap. You will need to switch to one of the new plans in order to benefit from the added functionality.

Existing Free Users

  • Please note that the new Free subscription plan limits will apply in full to the accounts of the existing free Mailtrap users starting from 1 May, 2019.

We want to stress that the decision to introduce the new subscription plans did not come easy.

However, we believe that this step will help us:

  • maintain high standards of service
  • deliver new features
  • support the whole system
  • cover all operational expenses
  • continue contributing to the global dev community by offering a Free forever plan.

Thank you for entrusting your email testing to Mailtrap!

For any questions, feel free to email us at

Announcing New Mailtrap Subscription Plans

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